Storage Solutions

We offer smart, durable and efficient shelving solutions custom built to meet office and corporate requirements. Explore our wide range of storage options for your office essentials. Contact us for further details.


Use space efficiently by exploiting all the available height overhead. Up to 60 linear meters of filing collected into a single carousel with minimum footprint. Machines can be adapted to your office dimensions (width and height constraints...) and for greatest functionality.


Mobile shelving is a high density storage or stocking system with traditional shelves mounted on moving bases which slide on rails. The withdrawal of the archived material takes place through the opening of only one corridor at a time.


MBOX is elegant furnishing element: for your home, shop or office. Completely customizable with wood cladding panels. Maximum flexibility of space and versatility to hold collectors, wallets, suspended folders, books,boxes, sweaters, shoes, bags, wine bottles. Easy and fast installation on all types of floor without any permanent latching. The adjustable rubber feet allow a perfect leveling of track and platform.


Gyrofiles are a favorite with space planners, facility managers, and architects who love the versatility and pleasing looks and feel of this unique product. A base Gyrofile can be the anchor for a full line of Add-on Gyrofiles, that are less large that the base.


In spaces with remarkable heights, it is possible to extend Mobile shelving advantages to a second storage floor accessible through stairs and walkways attached to the system. The system consists of two levels of mobile shelving handled by a single base. The use of the second floor is made possible thanks to the presence of the walkway platforms supported by the sides of the shelving.


Frame light, a static shelving system, is the simplest solution for offices, business, libraries and warehouse. The possibility to have variable depth shelves depends on the loading units and it optimizes the space and the capacity. Frame light is simple and easy to assemble thanks to the “interlocking system “without the bolts. From color to size of individual components, Frame light has a very high level of customization.