Melting Point Thermometer [0539]

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Thermometer Lo-Tox 305Mm -10/330CX2.0 Brown. These new Brannan™ laboratory thermometers utilise LO-tox™, an organic filling specifically chosen to achieve a wide temperature span and provide the lowest practical levels of hazard. The quality and legibility make these an ideal substitute for mercury thermometers. These thermometers are fitted with Brannan™ anti-roll end caps with a ring to allow the thermometer to be suspended. Features and specifications: � Low-toxic brown filling is easy to read � Accurately calibrated against traceable standards � 76mm immersion � Blue anti-roll top and safety suspension ring � Clear permanent markings. 305mm, -10/330C x 2.0div, 76mm Immersion, Brown Fill. LO-tox™ - Brannan™.

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